Journalism Internship – Terms & Conditions

Unick Digitals Private Limited – Internship Terms and Conditions

  • Internship Period: The internship with Unick Digitals is expected to last for a duration of 2 or 3 months, commencing on Start Date and concluding on End Date which will be mentioned on Offer Letter.
  • Internship Position: You have been selected for the position of News Writer Intern, with your primary role being to create news content for various news platforms associated with Unick Digitals.
  • Reporting Structure: During your internship, you will report to your designated Content Head or assigned mentor, who will guide, support, and provide tasks related to your internship.
  • Work Assignments: You will be responsible for creating news articles on various topics, adhering to editorial guidelines and optimizing content for search engines where necessary. Your assignments will include topics such as technology, health, business, fashion, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.
  • Compensation: This internship is unpaid. However, you will receive internship completion certificate and recommendation letters upon successful completion.
  • Working Hours: Your internship with Unick Digitals offers flexibility, and you will not have fixed working hours. You will be expected to meet specific content creation targets.
  • Performance Expectations: You are expected to exhibit professionalism, punctuality, and adhere to the highest standards of journalistic ethics and accuracy.
  • Confidentiality: You are required to maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information, data, or client details that you may come across during your internship.
  • Termination: The internship may be terminated by either party with prior notice. If your performance does not meet the required standards or if you fail to adhere to the company’s rules and policies, your internship may be terminated without prior notice.

Additional Terms and Condition

  • If any intern leaves the internship without completing the required work, their articles will be transferred to our publications desk and no credit will be given. Their internship will stand terminated and their author account will be removed.
  • In such cases, the intern will not be eligible for any completion certificates or recommendation letters.
  • Acknowledgment: Upon reading these terms and conditions, please acknowledge your acceptance by replying to this email. This will serve as a formal acceptance of your internship position and the terms outlined above.
  • Agreement: This agreement is binding, and by accepting this offer, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions during the internship period.

Thank you for choosing Unick Digitals for your internship. We are looking forward to have you onboard.




CEO & Founder

Unick Digitals Private Limited